What is an e-hub?

Energy capture, storage, control and delivery within districts

In this project we define an E-Hub as a system for capture, conversion, storage, distribution and control of energy, aiming to maximise the use of on-site renewable energy at the district level.

Capture of energy

  • solar thermal collectors (sunlight → heat)
  • road solar collectors    (sunlight → heat)
  • photovoltaic collectors (sunlight → electricity)
  • wind turbines   (wind energy → electricity)
  • wave turbines  (wave energy → electricity)

Conversion of energy

  • a boiler (carbon fuel → heat)
  • a sorption cooler (heat → cold)
  • a heat pump (electricity → heat)
  • a heat pump (electricity → cold)

Transfer of energy

  • a heat pump transfers heat (ground → building) for space heating in winter
  • a heat pump transfers heat (building → ground) for space cooling in summer and to store thermal energy

Storage of thermal energy

Distribution of energy

  • electric grid
  • smart grids
  • gas grid
  • heat network
  • cold network

Management of energy


Electrical storage is investigated in other FP7 projects such as Euro Liion.

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