E-Hub Components for thermal storage and district heating

Energy capture, storage, control and delivery within districts

An E-Hub is a control system for integrating and optimising on-site renewable energy resources within a local community:
an Intranet of Energy

Capture of energy

  • solar thermal collectors (sunlight → heat)
  • road solar collectors    (sunlight → heat)
  • photovoltaic collectors (sunlight → electricity)
  • wind turbines   (movement → electricity)
  • wave turbines  (movement → electricity)

Conversion of energy

  • a heat pump (using electricity to concentrate and transfer heat)
  • a boiler (fuel → heat)
  • a sorption cooler (heat → cold)

Transfer of energy

Storage of thermal energy

Delivery of energy

Management of energy


Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage has been extensively studied and employed by ICAX, one of the E-Hub partners.

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