E-Hub Research Papers Published

District Heating, Cooling & Power with on-site renewable energy


Papers from Energy Hub Project Authors Conference Date
1 Presentation Voka - AIT in the framework of EERA JP Smart city Johan Desmedt (VITO) Meeting at Voka, Antwerp, Belgium 2010
2 Prototype thermochemical heat storage with open reactor system H Zondag et al. Innostock 2012, Lleida, Spain May 2012
3 More effective use of renewables including compact seasonal thermal energy storage R Cuypers et al. (TNO) Innostock 2012, Lleida, Spain May 2012
4 Seasonal storage of solar heat: reactor modelling A Rubino, R de Boer Gustav Lorentzen Conference, Delft, The Netherlands June 2012
5 Smart polygeneration grid: a new experimental facility ML Ferrari, M Pascenti, A Traverso, M Rivarolo ASME Turbo Expo, San Antonio, Texas June 2012
6 Smart polygeneration grid: control and optimization system M Bozzo, F Caratozzolo, A Traverso ASME Turbo Expo, San Antonio, Texas June 2012
7 Development of a Seasonal Thermochemical Storage System R Cuypers et al. (TNO) SHC, San Francisco, USA July 2012
8 An experimental facility for tests on distributed generation systems ML Ferrari, M Pascenti, A Traverso, AF Massardo International Conference on Applied Energy July 2012
9 Smart polygeneration grid: experimental setup and control System (in Italian) F Caratozzolo, ML Ferrari, A Traverso, AF Massardo 67° Congresso Nazionale ATI, Trieste, Italy Sept 2012
10 Thermochemical materials and storage performance CJ Ferchaud, HA Zondag, A Rubino, R de Boer Heat Powered Cycles 2012, Alkmaar, The Netherlands Sept 2012
11 Energy-Hub for residential and commercial districts Kris Kessels (VITO) Nederlandse handelsmissie Smart grids Dec 2012
12 Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water Systems with Compact Thermal Energy Jane H. Davidson et al. Task 42/Annex 24: Compact Thermal Energy Storage March 2013
13 R&D in the IEA Task4224 on Compact Thermal Energy Storage W van Helden et al. Thermal solar energy storage conference, Bad Staffelstein April 2013
14 Multi-agent control for integrated heat and electricity management in residential districts Paul Booij, V. Kamphuis, Olaf van Pruissen, Cor Warmer ATES 2013, Minnesota, USA May 2013
15 Local Energy Initiatives and Preconditions for Business Opportunities Mieke Oostra, Bronia Jablonska (TNO-ECN) Sustainable Building, Oulu, Finland May 2013
16 Automatic or manual? - occupant perspective on the design of domestic control systems Sami Karjalainen (VTT) Energy and Buildings, vol. 65, ss. 119 - 126
17 Innovation in energy efficient buildings and districts for smart built environment Johan Desmedt (VITO) EUSEW 2013, Brussels, Belgium June 2013
18 Optimization and validation of smart polygeneration grids with thermal storage device Mario L. Ferrari et al. (TPG) ICAE 2013 (invited for Applied Energy), Pretoria, RSA July 2013
19 Simulation of energy conservation and its implications for district heating M Elci, S Narmsara, F Kagerer, S Herkel (Fraunh) BS - Building simulation 2013, Chambery, France August 2013
20 Simulation framework for simulation and control of a hybrid energy network Davy Geysen (VITO) ICT 4 Sustainable Places, Nice, France Sept 2013
21 Results of 3 kWh thermochemical heat storage module for space heating Christian Finck et al. (TNO) SHC, Freiburg, Germany Sept 2013
22 Grey-box Model and Identification Procedure for Thermal Storage Vessels De Ridder et al. (VITO) Applied Energy Oct 2013
23 Ontwikkelingen op het gebied van Warmteopslag Robert de Boer (ECN) Workshop Flexibele BIOWKK op de energiemarkt Oct 2013
24 Thermal energy storage combined with heat and power plants for load management A Bachmaier, F Kagerer, J Bleicke-Eggers, S Herkel (Fraunh) IRES - Dusseldorf, Germany Nov 2013
25 Use of distributed thermal storage in district heating grids for demand site management Vanhoudt et al. (VITO) Applied Energy Nov 2013
26 Plant management tools tested with a small-scale distributed generation laboratory Mario L. Ferrari et al. (TPG) Energy Conversion and Management Feb 2014
27 A framework for simulation and control of hybrid energy networks Davy Geysen et al. (VITO) EnergyCon 2014, Dubrovnik, Croatia May 2014
28 Simplified building model of districts Frans Koene, L Bakker, David Lanceta, S Narmsara BauSim 2014 Sept 2014